“I am using material in mirror-polished, or painted perforated stainless steel, from which I use the fluid and evanescent transparency to capture the natural or artificial light, releasing it back into rhythmic compositions, from simple geometric forms, inside architectural or urban sites. The essence of my thoughts being to associate myself to space, in a fusion air, matter and light, as the magic of a rain bow.. ”

  • Born on the 19th of February 1938, in Nantes (France)
  • 1958 – Beaux Arts school in Nantes
  • 1960/61 – The Youth Biennale
  • 1963 – Beaux-Arts school of Paris
  • 1967 – Creation of the Atelier Vidé, Limited Liability Company
  • 1974 – Exhibition in the Museum of decorative art in Nantes (France): Research on the mobiles and the “Jelly fish”
  • 1975 – Biennale of Allonnes (France): Research on transparent polyester magnifying resin

In the 1970’s , by taking advantage of the evolution of three dimensional objects in theatre, cinema, television, and advertisement environment, Thierry Vidé experiments with new materials that are adapted to shows. This activity
of the ephemeral state, allows him to feel all the dynamics of an era and its technical evolution. He draws out synthesis to create his sculpture: expression of our evolution around the space conjugating weightless, transparency and light.

Matter in weightlessness: joint line between sky and earth.


  • Young Sculpture Exhibition on the Champs-Elysées
  • Exhibition in the Commanderie des Templiers
  • Start of the research on the static take-off


  • Exhibition Young Sculpture
  • reward of the Young sculpture


  • Exhibition Young Sculpture
  • Exhibition New realities
  • Exhibition Paris Sculpture


  • Exhibition Young Sculpture
  • State scholarship


  • Winner of the competition “Symbol for the City of Melbourne”, Australia
  • Purchase of one static take off for the modern art museum/ Minister of the culture


  • CCreation and realisation of two 10m X 3m, low relief in bronze for the Minister of the Alger defence, 1984
  • Exhibition Comparison, Grand Palais
  • Sculpture Static take of
  • Start of the research on the Holotrame
  • Meeting with Engineer Peter Rice


  • Project of a sculpture Static take off for a engineer school
    in Metz


  • Beginning of the collaboration with Jean Sébastien Vidé.
Introducing the sculpture in the industrial, architectural environment …
Holotramy is the art of multiplying fullness with emptiness by superimposing natural frames. Fusion of matter with air, the holotrame captures sunlight and artificial light.


  • Registration of “Holotrame” Patent by Th. and J.S. Vidé
  • City of sciences of La Villette / “Vitamin Man”, a holotramic sculpture for Hoffman Laroche
  • City of sciences of La Villette /Twelve 3x3m Holotramic sculptures symbolising the mankind through high-tech industries for the EUREKA L’EUROPE exhibition. Scenography: Patrick Gros. Publication: Le Figaro magazine N° 13271
  • Bendix Company/ creation and realisation of one Holotramic sculpture, symbolising the American firm.


  • Peugeot company / Holotramic sculpture “formula 1”symbo- lysing the birth of the automobile in the Peugeot promotion context, at concessionaires
  • Poulain Chocolate/ Holotramic sculpture exhibited in the Poulain Museum located in Blois
  • City of sciences of La Villette / Exhibition “ morning of the molecules” creation of a sculpture symbolizing the research on molecules done by J.M.Lens , Chemistry Nobel Price
  • General Motor company/ creation of a Holotramic sculpture “concept of General Motors system”


  • Big Hall of La Villette for the “Inventing 1989” exhibition. Presentation of the “ La Bastille Ailleurs” and holotramic interpretation of the exhibition
  • Bourget exhibition, Pavillon Thomson, ephemeral holotramic sculpture, symbolizing “The Radar” ( 7mx7m)
  • Winner of the competition for the Parvis of La Defense, 100m long and 24m high ephemeral holotramic composition “ Colour Space”, created for the summit of industrialised countries, on the occasion of the inauguration of the Grande Arche and of the 200 years anniversary of the French Revolution
  • Renault/ symbolic art work about the security theme, pain- ted deployed metal 3mx 3m
  • Magic planet/ Creation of a 100m2 holotramic space in the entrance of the attractions park, in the ancient Gaité Lyrique Theatre of Paris.


  • culpture “Colour Space N°2”for the Cristal Building in Saint – Quentin en Yvelines (France), architect J.M. Charpentier, Sercib Promotion manager.


  • Apple Project Expo 92 “computer”
  • Sculpture Competition for the highways A6 and A46 bifurca- tion, asked by the Highway Company, Paris- Rhin-Rhône.
  • “The city and the light” exhibition in La Défense: Esplanade Gallery and Art 4 Gallery. Lighted presentation of the sculpture of the Place d’Italie and of the “Colour Space” Holotramic composition.
  • Sculpture project for the new business centre of Roissy. Architect A.r.t.e. J.M Charpentier, landscape gardener PH
    Thébaut, project manager Kauffman & Broad.
  • Difference Gallery: exhibition of holotramic sculptures
  • roject of a sculpture for a new district in Issy-les Moulineaux. Architect A.r.te. J.M project manager Kauffman & Broad.
  • Project of a sculpture for Ibrahim Hussein Foundation, in Malaysia


  • Project of a sculpture for the Z.A.C. Dupleix in Paris. Architect J.F Jodry
  • Order of a sculpture on the Birds theme for the Futuroscope of Poitiers, France


  • Order of a monumental Holotramic sculpture for the city of Hadano, Japan. Project delivered by Sylvestre Verger,
    S.V.O ART
  • Sculpture Competition for the esplanade of Villeroy in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France
  • Sculpture Competition for the crossroads of Saint Quentin en Yvelines Centre.


  • Publishing of several lamp- sculptures by Verre-Lumière, (Philips and Mazda) Publication: La revue LUX n° 197


  • Sculpture for the Atrium of the society UCB in Bruxelles: – Architectures Assar offices Bruxelles, Belgium. Publication in work: UCB Centre by ASSAR, Images Publishing.


  • Sculpture for the Atrium of the Alcatel Company in Paris: Architecture office a.r.t.e. J.M. Charpentier. Publication: Archinews, March 2000
  • Project of a mobile grill Porte d’Orléans (Paris) “Light wave”


  • Order of a sculpture for the France Loisirs company in Paris: architecture office Inter art
  • Order of a sculpture starting from a piece of Berlin wall “Europa 2000” for the Sylvestre Verger collection
  • Order of a sculpture for the Museum of the mine in Forbach (France), expressing the mining galleries
  • Realisation of a sculpture for the symposium of the founda- tion Ibrahim Hussein in Langkawi for the international Festival of art in Malaysia. Publication: New Traits Time of 02 Feb 2000


  • Exhibition of the sculpture “ Europa 2001” Berlin Wall, Sylvestre Verger collection, organised in the Wallraf-Richartz- Museum-Berlin in the Museum Josef-Haubrich- Kunsthall- Cologne, Germany.


  • Order of a sculpture for the Silic Company in Rungis, France


  • Order of a sculpture and seven signals for the Banimmo Company in Bruxelles, Belgium


  • Sculptures project “Brise-vents”, for the town planning of the Brest Technopole. Landscape gardener: Laure Quoniam


  • Auto portrait of the 20th century Exhibition, in the Luxembourg Museum, Paris. Commissioner: Pascal Bonafoux
  • Auto portrait of the 20th century Exhibition, in Offices Museum in Florence, Italy


  • Exhibition of the sculpture “Europa 2001” Berlin Wall, in Seoul, Korea
  • Launching of the holotramic columns of light and wall lamps collection, published by Multiformes


  • Launching of the holotramic columns of light and wall lamps collection
  • Order of a sculpture “Place de la Renaissance” in Bois-Colombes, Paris. Installation is planned on the beginning of 2007